Human Rights violators frequent in Sweden

In totalitarian Sweden, home-schoolers, who have not already fled the country (some 40 families), are penalised.  This time, the case of the Sandberg family in the Mörbylånga municipality on the Baltic island of Öland is high-lighted here .

Although the recently modified Swedish school-law referred to is now clearly violating some important Human Rights as per the European Convention on Human Rights from 1950, some leading politicians and officials are jumping  high at chasing the concerned families out of their country and/or inflicting impossible penalties on them.  In this case the  Human Rights offending high-ranking officials mentioned are David Idermark and  Jonas Nordström.  In the case of the Himmelstrand family, the leading conservative in Uppsala (M) Cecilia Forss was the eager Human Rights violator, chasing the family out of the country and also inflicting them a penalty of 100 000 SEK. Cecilia Forss has earned eternal reputation for her statement in the case ”the family should be happy that they are allowed to leave the country”.

Had the Nazis come to power in Sweden, they would easily have found a large number of officials and politicians eager to be the willing tools of their horrendous crimes against Humanity as the cases show. See more at



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