The abduction of young Domenic Johansson by the Swedish State

The horrible case of young Domenic Johansson is subject to a keen interest from foreign observers:

Some comments:

Susan Trogdon Gleason
Susan Trogdon Gleason Finally, it seems we are so close to justice and to the day Domenic Johansson will be returned to his parents. By the way, the Swedish govt owes the Johanssons the biggest apology the world has ever seen. Those responsible for shattering this family should serve jail terms.

Krister Pettersson
Krister Pettersson You cannot be sure that Domenic will be returned! There are quite a few cases that went to the European court and the Swedish state lost. But when the winning parents wanted their children back, the Swedish social authorities just refused, saying thatVisa mer

Karen Coutts Carnathan
Karen Coutts Carnathan That is sooo heartbreaking, just never realized how oppressive Sweden is…….

Anne Calvert
Anne Calvert This is so very wrong. The cruelty of it is very much like reading about the Nazi regime.

Krister Pettersson
Krister Pettersson Dear Anne Calvert – speaking of the Nazis, you may know that the Nazis in 1938 forbade parents´ home-schooling in order to be sure that all youngsters got properly indoctrinated . Now, that happened also a few years ago in Sweden, when home-schooling here was criminalized, forcing a number of Swedish families into political exile, many to the neighboring country Åland/Finland. More information on



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