Horrible daycare situation in many Swedish preschools

2016 05 23 SDS Förskola inspekteras för bristerSwedish daily Sydsvenskan regularly reports on the eternal desperate situation arranging decent daycare institutions in the city of Malmö, Sweden.  Today the paper writes about the catastrophic situation in a preschool – or public daycare facility named Forsbergs minne, in the nearby city of Lund.

In the much more detailed version of the article (see enclosed picture) in today´s paper version, a parent named Tove Havstad, is allowed to talk about unacceptable behavior of the kids and the lacking interest, activity and formal education of the ever changing staff of the preschool. Ms Havstad talks about her little son, who no longer talks about his experiences in the daycare and do not want to go there.

It is rather fantastic, who Swedish parents accept completely horrendous caring and living conditions for their own children without reacting as ”normal” european mothers and fathers would when their children are mistreated and forced into care which by no means can be labelled good care to the benefit of the young.

The reason for this lame and adaptive acceptance on part of Swedish parents  of unacceptable conditions for their children can only be found in decades of heavy official propaganda aiming to demonstrate how good for the children the public daycare is and who uneducated and unsuited and unskilled parents are to be trusted to care for their own children.


Krister Pettersson


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