Violation of Human Rights in Sweden to be consealed by a new ambassador

A new Ambassador will be appointed in Sweden (here).  The Ambassador will work with Human Rights and particularly with trafficing – forcing often young persons to unwanted  places and occupation.  ”The appointment will reinforce the work with and the status of Sweden as a fighter for Human Rights”, the government says.

”Regeringen vill att Sverige ska vara en stark röst i världen för jämställdhet och mänskliga rättigheter” – The government (social democratic + environmentalists) wants Sweden to be a stron voice in the World for Equality and Human Rights, the government representatives say.

”Ambassadören ska förstärka Sveriges internationella profil som en framstående försvarare av de mänskliga rättigheterna”- The Ambassador will reinforce the international profile of Sweden as a prominent defender of the Human Rights, the government says.

AND THIS IN A COUNTRY, SWEDEN, WHERE MANY HUMAN RIGHTS AS PER THE EUROPEAN CONVENTION FROM 1950 ARE SEVERELY VIOLATED!  This violation of Human Rights in Sweden concerns all the rights protecting the family as a basic social unit and its rights to bring up the new generation accoording to own preferences.  The Swedish family policy is one of huge economical sanctions if you do not give up the care and fostersing of your own children to the public pre-schools. Home-schooling has been criminalized and there are now a substantial number of Swedish families living in political exile in USA, Finland and other countries, where Human Rights in this important sector are still respected.  HYPOCRACY SWEDISH STYLE !



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