NY Times censorship on negative effects of heavily subsidized public childcare.

The NY Times published this article on the cost of daycare in relation to parents´income (October 6th). The title was ”

Parents Who Need Child Care the Most Can’t Afford to Pay for It

….A new report from the Economic Policy Institute sets the high cost of child care nationwide next to benchmarks like a full-time minimum wage salary, the median family income and the average cost of a public college tuition…. Child care subsidies have become increasingly rare. and have left many working parents feeling as if the system is set up for them to fail — and to fail their children.

The author is Ms KJ Dell’Antonia – and she is evidently a lady with similar preferences as the politically most influential women in my country Sweden. In Sweden, we have a situation, which the author might appreciate. Public daycare is heavily subsidized and so the taxes are sky-high.

BUT, as an American and maybe a liberal, she might not fully approve of the fact that Swedish parents cannot avoid giving up the care and upbringing of their children to the politically managed public daycacare centres – called pre-schools. Thus some Human Rights are much restricted – the right to an opinion without being discriminated against, parents rights to choose fostering and education of their kids, an the rights of the family in general – which make Sweden a totalitarian country in the field of Family policies.

I tried to say just that in the following comment to the article:

THE ARTICLE shows that caring for two or more children corresponds to a full-time, low wage – work.

This is also stated by economist Petra Lanz in Swedish Official Study SOU79:89.

In Sweden, however, a low wage earner pays 2/3 of his or her wages in various open and hidden taxes (SWEDBANK). No consideration is taken to the burden of a family to support.

Swedish public day-care is offered almost for free – more than 90% of its costs is subsidized.

Thus a Swedish family cannot live on one wage only, but needs two incomes and the public, free daycare is An Offer you can´t resist. Thus Swedish children are cared and fostered by the politicians and their public servants – with the slow but  clear results in worsening phsycologial health, school results (Pisa) and foreigners´question: ”Is Sweden ruled by brats?”. Canadian researchers Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté explains these effects as a result of (Swedish) Family Breakdown.

British researcher Patricia Morgan compares Swedish Family policies with the Soviet Union in her book ”Family policies. Family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain compared” (CIVITAS).  FOREIGNERS, BE WARNED BY THE SWEDISH EXPERIMENT IN FAMILY POLICIES!

However, my comment, which I sent two times, was not accepted by the NY Times editor.  In spite of my refering to foreigh researchers like Morgan, Neufeld and Maté, the NY Times editor may have thought my text too difficult to understand and publish. So it was not published, it was censored ….  Or could it be that the editor is a propagandist  as well as Ms KJ Dell’Antoni, wanting to protect her ideas and propaganda from the reality of some 45 years of Swedish practice and negative outcome as mentioned in my comment.  (By the way, I can refer also to American researchers like Mr Allan Carlsson with his book ”The Swedish experiment in Family politics” The Myrdals and the interwar population crisis).

Krister Pettersson



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