Behavioral problems from Childcare fostering

Bad behaviour among Swedish kids have been noticed for years. Dr Eberhard prublished a book on the theme, resulting in questions abroad:  ”Is Sweden ruled by brats?”.

In this article the reason for the behavioural problems are clearly related to public daycare.

Such articles can not be seen in Sweden. On the contrary. Bad behaviour among kids and youngsters are blamed on the parents.

And this is due to the fact that public daycare and thus public fostering of our kids is in the hand of Swedish politicians applying the socialist goals of breaking down the traditional family, creating the ”new man” and the socialist UTOPIA in general.  Media is heavily dominated by leftist editors, enjoying the system and promoting these goals. With the help of extreme taxes (69% of the normal wages are paid in hidden and open taxes as per SWEDBANK) and also extreme subsidies of daycare places, Swedish parents are practically forced to give up the fostering of their kids to the public systems, where indoctrination material like The World in the Pre-school (Världen i förskolan) and The sex life of children (Barnens kärleksliv) and Gender Equality material is openly used and parent´s view on this are neglected (see the case of the Djupadal preschool in Malmö).

Be warned by the totalitarian experiment with daycare fostering of Swedish children and its horrible results!



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