Study will revive debate on public child care – but not in Sweden

A large study in Great Britain again confirms a negative effect on children of public daycare here .

Academics at Oxford University discovered that exposure to some forms of early education contributed to bad behaviour and could be linked to emotional problems.

This is nothing new, it has been stated by other researchers before, like Gordon Neefeld and Gabor Maté in Canada.

The research also uncovered trends relating to children who were in formal child care — away from their parents.

The disclosure will revive debate over the best way to raise children amid a surge in the number of under-fives enrolled in nurseries and with childminders in the past 20 years

But, as with the findings of Neufeld and Maté, also this study will not revive debate in Sweden.  It will be just as overlooked by the Nomenklatura of Swedish Politics and Media. Nothing negative – not even the notoriously failing Swedish school results (Pisa) must be related to the fact and effect of some 95% of Swedish children being fostered in public daycare – for which the heavy propaganda in our country hammers in the message that public day-care is good for your kids and will give them a great advantage in school.



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