A Swedish comment on British Election and Daycare costs

Dömda till misär Bo SöderstenToday´s British Elections are commented in Swedish press and Radio. One of the topics is the fact that British Daycare is horribly expensive. Leaving your kids there for a paid job will cost so much that there will not remain much cash reward.

In Sweden, on the contrary, it is highly lucrative – a ”must” – to swap the work with your own kids for a paid job – often to care for other mothers´kids.  You may keep almost all your wages (after tax) as the price for public daycare in Sweden is insignificant, only symbolic.

But the real cost for public daycare is horribly expensive in Sweden, just as in Great Britain.  In the Public Investigation SOU79:89, economist Petra Lantz states that caring for only two kids in public Swedish daycare consumes as much resources as are created in a full time job.

This corresponds to the British situation – the wages from a full time job equals the price for two kids in daycare.

But – in Sweden you may keep your wages from a paid job. And you also get the value of a second full-time work income as subsidies for the real cost of the public care of your two kids. So – the swapping of your home-work with two own kids for a paid job, which creates no more resources (or benefit) to the nation leaves you with the value of two wages, versus in Britain your income from a job will just suffice to pay the price (cost) of daycare.

Tax-payers are paying for the heavy subsidies to public daycare in Sweden. Also for ”caring of your often sick public creche child” allowances etc. That´s one reason why taxes are extremely high in Sweden – a normal tax level is 69% according to Swedbank – not as a marginal rate – but 69% of your nominal wages are, in more or less hidden ways, channeled into the politically managed coffers.

So – if you do not swap your full-time job caring for two (or more) kids at home, you are politically left to Misery in Sweden, as the economist, professor Bo Södersten wrote in one of his critical articles against ”Swedish Daycare Stalinists”.  Oh yes, also British researcher Patricia Morgan compares family policies in Sweden with the Soviet Union in her book ”Family policy. Family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain compared” (CIVITAS).

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