Shameful lack of integrity at Swedish School Inspectorate

Parents’ and Human Rights are Just a Facade for Sweden’s Political Indoctrination of its Children

Gender equality is one of, if not the most important political goal in socialist Sweden. Propaganda and indoctrination in line with this ambition starts as early as in the public day-care centres, into which Swedish children are forced by a combination of extreme taxes and public day-care subsidies (see note) making it economically impossible for such families to resist the government’s coercive policies.

As a result, over 90 per cent of the country’s 1-5s are in public day care and 83 per cent of its women are in paid work. Both figures represent world records.

The deliberate coercion towards childcare outside the home, is proof of the high importance our socialist governments attach to indoctrination of the country’s children. This ambition is concealed behind facades of women’s equality, child development, etc.

The forms of this indoctrination have never been discussed in public but the “pedagogic program” for children in public childcare has materialised in textbooks, produced by government agencies at the taxpayers’ expense, such as “Barnens Kärleksliv” (The Love Life of Children) and “Världen i förskolan” (The Preschool World). Both have been recommended by the social authorities (Socialstyrelsen). The books promote sexual experiences also for toddlers and a socialist world view. They contain recommendations for the children to exert influence on their parents to avoid products from multinational companies and to choose foodstuffs from third-world countries over “capitalist” brands. Countries like Switzerland and USA were accused of breaking laws by employing child labour, etc.

Recently, an article in a local paper described the gender indoctrination taking place in the Djupadal day-care centre, or pre-school, in the Swedish city of Malmö. Among other things, staff told the reporter that in case parents raised concerns about the school’s gender education programme, they were summarily ignored and told that the programme is governed by Swedish law and therefore out of bounds for adaptation to parental preferences.

Now, there is no Swedish law or Convention in force that relieves parents from their responsibility, to care for, raise and arrange education for their children. In addition, the European Convention on Human Rights, which is a dispositive constitutional law in Sweden since some 20 years back, grants parents the right to exert influence over whatever educational programmes the state imposes on its children.

So, when the staff’s statement, according to the article, was brought to the attention of the school’s municipal overseeing authority and later to the Schools Inspectorate in Sweden (Skolinspektionen), the latter ordered the city to investigate the matter and if needed to take action.

An investigation of sorts was indeed made by a municipal officer but it failed to bring clarity to the fundamental question of which laws and conventions apply to public childcare operations. The investigator wrote that the citation from the article was “drawn out of a longer conversation” – but not that the citation was incorrect. Also that the local paper with the article was a “source independent of the pre-school management”. The investigator quoted various passages from the “learning plan for the pre-school” (Lpfö 98/10), and mentioned that the staff were all exemplary persons.

Thus the investigation shed no light on the reported issue: is there a “Swedish law” supporting pre- school staff in their possible refusal to listen to a parent ́s points of view or objections? And if there is not, how would the staff be informed about their false ideas and thus parents respected according to the Swedish Parents and Guardianship Code “Föräldrabalken” and to
the European Convention on Human Rights.

On the contrary, the investigation raised the suspicion that there is a serious confusion on all levels of the pre-school organization in the city of Malmö, mistaking the learning-plan for preschools (Lpfö 98/10) as Swedish law and interpreting it as a support to reject parents ́points of view on the indoctrination of their children.

The poor quality of the presented investigation and the obvious lack of qualified legal competence dealing with the issue, was again reported to the School inspectorate. However, this authority just stated that “The municipality of the city of Malmö has followed the rules on handling of complaints”.

It should also be noted that recently parents ́ home-schooling of their children was practically criminalized in Sweden, forcing a number of families into political exile.

Although the matter of child indoctrination is not discussed in British researcher Patricia Morgan ́s book “Family policy. Family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain compared” (CIVITAS) Swedish family policy is openly compared to that of the Soviet Union.

Thus it should be made clear to the World that Swedish family policies have, as a major goal, the early indoctrination in a socialistic direction of practically all children in public day-care or pre- schools.

The insensitive way in which the municipality and the School Inspectorate handled the complaint against the gender indoctrination that is being practised by the staff at the pre-school in Malmö shows that the civil servants are not constrained to respect or allow consideration for the “philosophical or religious view” of the parents which is guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights. The fact that this Convention is incorporated into the Swedish Constitution and that the Parent and Guardianship Code, Föräldrabalken, is in accordance to it, appears to be just a facade to conceal a totalitarian, undemocratic, dishonest and out-lawed policy, in which Swedish authorities, and controlling organisms expected to have some integrity, like the Swedish School Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) are shamefully participating.

Malmö 2015-01-25

Krister Pettersson M.Sc. Member of the Boards of Föreningen för Barnens Rätt till Föräldrarnas Tid and the Family Campaign Foundation of Sweden.

Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Lawyer, President of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights – NKMR/NCHR – For the Protection of Family Rights in the nordic countries,

Bo C Pettersson, Member of the Board of Children’s Right to Their Parents Sweden (Barnens Rätt Till Föräldrarnas Tid) (

Note: 69% of the value of a normal working Swede ́s wages are paid in open and hidden taxes (Swedbank) and some 90% of the day-care cost is subsidized by the state/municipality.

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Detta är budskapet i bilagd engelsk text baserat på Malmö kommuns och Skolinspektionens hantering av vår anmälan om indoktrinering av barnen vid Dupadals förskola i Malmö och dess avvisande av föräldrars ev. synpunkter med hänvisning till “svensk lag”.  Dokumentationen från denna hantering är bilagd som pdf och redovisad också här:

I våra organisationers verksamhet ingår, att på olika internationella fora, påtala svenska statens övergrepp på vissa mänskliga rättigheter enligt Europakonventionen. Bilagd text kommer nu att användas i detta arbete.

För den händelse, att texten kan komma att väcka uppmärksamhet, vilket kan påkalla förklaringar eller nyanseringar från Skolinspektionen, som vi alltså i ärendet anser har visat prov på skamligt bristande integritet, är sådana välkomna redan nu och kommer i så fall också att redovisas av oss.

Med hälsning
Krister Pettersson


One response to “Shameful lack of integrity at Swedish School Inspectorate

  1. Mycket bra text! Vi måste börja ställa frågor om den indoktrinering och propaganda som sker inom förskolan. Jag hämtade mitt 2-åriga barn idag från förskolan. Ställde en fråga om varför två av fem sånger i ett häfte handlade om spöken och monster istället för små gulliga barnvisor som t ex bä bä vita lamm och imse vimse spindel. Vidare ifrågasatte jag deras användning av trådlös teknik med bl a paddor inom den pedagogiska verksamheten bl a med hänvisning till att Frankrike har förbjudit denna teknik för dagisbarn 0-3 år. Personalen blev mycket upprörda över mina frågor och tog kontakt med föräldrarna där jag målades ut som en hemsk person. Ska man inte kunna ifrågasätta vad som sker inom denna institution?


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