Economic and other costs for public daycare-upbringing of our kids

Peter Hitchins writes in the Daily Mail (here) about the high cost for daycare etc leaving a working mother with almost nothing left:

The most amazing statistic of the past year (produced by insurance company Aviva) shows that thousands of mothers who go out to work are, in effect, working for nothing. The cost of day orphanages, travel and other work expenses cancels out everything they earn.


In Sweden, the heavy socialist propaganda, also mentioned by Hitchins, is paired with great economical incentives for the politically correct parent. Swopping home-work for some paid work is highly lucrative here, since public daycare is even more heavily subsidized.

Real cost for public daycare are concealed for the public, but in the official report SOU79:89 it is stated that the real cost for caring of (only) two children in public daycare is as high as the value of the work of a full-time wage-earner. Thus giving up the care and fostering of two own kids for a paid work does not provide any economic value to the nation – on the contrary, negative effects in the long run are costly for the society.   Compare Canadian researchers Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté. Refer also to British researcher Patricia Morgan, who compares Sweden with the Soviet Union in her book ”Family policy. Family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain compared” (CIVITAS – can be downloaded here

Krister Pettersson



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