Swedish women have lost the ability to handle chances in life ?

NEW YORK TIMES writes on September 8th;

The Swedish government ought to be riding high.

The country has bounced back from the recession faster and farther than any other in Western Europe. Tax cuts have increased the average Swede’s annual disposable income by almost a month’s wages since 2006.

Swedish leaders are playing prominent roles in global diplomacy. Sweden’s banks are strong. Real estate is booming. Consumers around the world hang their H&M clothes in Ikea cabinets, download pop music from Spotify, read Swedish thrillers and watch Swedish television dramas.

Yet for all that, the center-right government of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, 49, is in serious political trouble.

With less than a week to go before a general election on Sunday, Mr. Reinfeldt’s Alliance bloc of four parties is trailing the left-leaning coalition of the Social Democrat, Green and Left Parties by five to ten percentage points in recent polls.

In spite of not having changed some socialist horrors in Swedish policies – like the totalitarian family politics forcing kids to  indoctrination in public creches – the eight years of Mr. Reinfeldt´s Alliance coalition have been successful – taxes are cut and at the same time tax income has increased as much of the ”black economy” has come out in the light. Private alternatives have been allowed and ”public sector” workers, have  more employers to work for and much better possibilities to have their better work and ideas noticed and honored.

The polls for the upcoming elections, however, show that most women would choose to vote for the former socialist parties – contrary to men. This is strange, as women often work in the mentioned ”public sector” which has benefited and open up with lots of more opportunities for women, as mentioned. Both as employees and as entrepreneurs.

Discussing this, my wife thought that one reason for the strange situation might be that many women are afraid of changes. Hesitating in front of alternatives, of chances in life, of moving from a well-known situation or employer to something new, something different.

Krister Pettersson



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