FOREIGNERS! Be warned by Swedish totalitarian family policies

An important (foreign) witness to the totalitarian Swedish Family Policy has published her observations here.

Also British researcher Patricia Morgan compares Swedish family policies with the Soviet Union in her book ”Family policy. Family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain compared” (CIVITAS).  The chapter on Sweden in this book – Socialist Engineering –  can be downloaded from the archive at  Family Policy, Family Changes – Sweden, Italy, and Britain Compared (Chapter 2, Sweden) 

The witness writes:

Swedes just don’t get the concept of stay at home parents. After the initial 12-18 months parental leave toddlers are almost without exception shipped off into state run nurseries. My son is 15 months and whenever I meet a Swede the first or second question is always ‘is he in nursery yet?’ When we explain that he’s at home with me and we intend it to be that way for at least the next few years people react very negatively. It’s almost like they think we’re denying our child something crucial to his development and are bad parents. They truly believe that being in nursery is best for the child. I know as an organisation you have had Jonas Himmelstrand speak so you’ll be well aware of the negative impact of this system on the psychological and emotional well being of children and parents. 

The message I’d like to get across to policy makers is that the Swedish system removes parental choice. The system is paid for through high taxation which makes it impossible to live on a single salary. True, the Swedish system means that all parents have access to affordable child care but:

 – that child care is of dubious quality (poor adult/child ratios), high levels of sickness amongst daycare staff
 – there are serious supply/demand issues particularly in Stockholm meaning some parents get little choice over which nursery their child attends, they’re just allocated a place through a queuing system
 – the welfare and what is best for the child is completely ignored. It’s all about getting parents back into paid work. It’s basically a state run babysitting service


The observation of this witness is correct.  FOREIGNERS   Be warned !!

Krister Pettersson



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