Fareed Zakaria (GPS) – ill informed on Scandinavian Family Policies

1996 Dömda till misär Bo SöderstenSweden´s Disturbing Family TrendsFareed Zakaria, with the radio program GPS – Global Public Square – and columnes in the Washington Post etc. often comments on economy and politics in various countries around the world. He seems very well informed and often have important persons invited to his programs and shows.

Fareed Zakaria complements Sweden for its change from disastrous Big Government to Smart Government. However, doing that, he seems not to have been able to see through the official propaganda in Sweden, when he admires the economical growth, welfare etc.  He thinks this is much due to the ”state´s support of families”, allowing women to work etc. There is no thought given to fact that both the man´s and the woman´s work incomes are necessary to support a family after taxes paid. This in order to attain a reasonable economic level.

And so parents have no realistic choice, and kids are forced to a life and upbringing in public daycare – preschools – due to a mafia-style ”offer one cannot resist” of the Swedish state. This ”offer” or ”family policy” consisting of the state taking 69% of your total income allowing you to get part of it back as free public daycare for your children. And creches, to get the subsidies, as Swedish schools, must follow an officially authorized pedagogical program, aimed at public fostering, socialization and equalization. A fostering, which in practice has turned out to be much a a jungle law, of bad behavior and lost, good values and catastrophic school results as per the recent Pisa-evaluation.

Mr. Fareed Zakaria thus reveals that he has not studied the situation in Scandinavia, and particularly Sweden, as well as has British researcher, Patricia Morgan, who, in her book Family policy, family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain  (CIVITAS) compares the Family policy in Sweden with Soviet Union. A totalitarian system, with no respect for Human Rights as per the European Convention from 1950. A system, where parents who do not adapt to the wishes of Big Brother are condemned to Misery, as the professor in national economics, Mr Bo Södersten, writes in this article ”Dömda till misär” (Condemned to Misery). Fareed Zakaria is not as well-informed on vital matters as he pretends to be.

No, Mr. Fareed Zakaria. The Swedish state is not supporting families.  It is destroying them !



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