On Swedish brainwashing and socialist Utopia

I wish to refer you to this link commenting on a book by one of our protesters in Sweden:


see also the comment on one of our protest movement web-sites:
Mr Bawer writes:
In Sweden, the brainwashing starts early – not in school, but in day care. No fewer than 85% of Swedish children under age three are in municipal (or municipally administered) day care. This figure is probably the highest percentage in the world. It is, Sjunnesson notes, the kind of experiment in mass, government-controlled child-rearing that Plato envisioned in hisRepublic and that “was central in Orwell’s and Huxley’s dystopias.” If you’re a Swedish parent who doesn’t want your kid brought up to be a good little socialist soldier – well, good luck: you have few if any real alternatives. Parents who don’t put their kids in day care “are often suspect in the eyes of social authority.” As for home schooling, it’s forbidden under a 2010 law (the only such legislation in the EU aside from a German ban enacted in 1938 because “the Nazi party did not want anyone else to school the young”). In any event, the cause of home schooling hasn’t gained much traction among Swedes, who have been efficiently trained to view any expression of unease over state-run education as “deranged” and to accept the socialist proposition that children belong not to their parents but to the state.
Bruce Bawer comments on Jan Sjunnesson´s book are a good summary.
Unfortunately, I and many others in our various protest movements against the totalitarian ”public-daycare-for-all-kids” policies in Sweden can confirm Mr. Sjunnesson´s picture.
As protesters, we have been labelled extreme, not-for-gender-equality, old-fashioned, dangerous and finally we have been closed out from Swedish media “that count”, such media being heavily dominated by socialists.
Regarding the socialist family policies in our country they are clearly in conflict with some of the Human Rights as listed in the European Convention from 1950. The recent school law blatantly violates them with the criminalization of home-schooling, that is keeping the kids away from the public propaganda-machine.
For more details on totalitarian Swedish family policies I can recommend the book by British researcher Patricia Morgan: “Family policies. Family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain compared” (CIVITAS). In her book, she rightfully compares family policies in Sweden with those in the Soviet Union.
Krister Pettersson   


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