Totalitarian Sweden – the case of Domenic Johansson

Swedish media and Swedish politicians talk a lot about the great importance and value of Human Rights.
However, in cases where parents have an opinion of their own like in the case of Domenic, Swedish politicians gravely violate the Human Right listed as number 2 of the first amendment protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights from 1950. The situation is the same for all home-schooling parents, many of which, after the new school law was passed by ignorant Swedish MP´s, now have gone into political exile (at Swedish speaking isles of Åland, part of Finland where Human Rights are respected).
Political steering of parents and the upbringing of their kids is heavily controlled by the political system of confiscatory taxes in combination with almost free public daycare. A system, which British sociologist and researcher Patricia Morgan compares with the Soviet Union in her book Family policy, family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain compared (CIVITAS).

you will get the full story by Domenic´s parents. The presentations of the radio program is:

Christer Johansson – Hour 1 & 2 – Abduction of Domenic Johansson by Swedish Social Services
April 15, 2012
In this special two hour program, we discuss the disturbing story of a child, Domenic Johansson who was abducted by Swedish social services over ludicrous claims. The child’s father Christer Johansson explains the outrageous actions by the Swedish government. Christer and his wife Annie wanted to homeschool their child as he did not feel well in the noisy state school. At this time, homeschooling was still legal in Sweden. The family had planned to move abroad to India, Annie’s home country and take part in humanitarian work, bringing their son. The then-7-year-old homeschooler was abducted from an airplane bound for India by police after his parents refused to stop educating him at home – and that was in June of 2009. The boy remains in state custody, completely isolated from his parents. We’ll discuss the inhumane, cruel treatment of Domenic and his parents and the lie that says Sweden is the ”social utopia.” We uncover the dirty tyrannical government of a seemingly ok society. Christer also mentions that he is not alone. Thousands of children have been taken by Swedish authorities for ridiculous reasons, one because the mother ”talked too much on the phone.” Where are the children? Why aren’t Swedes saying anything?


FOR more information on other home-schooling parents victims of Swedish totalitarianism, visit



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