Totalitarian family policy. A Swedish export?

Swedish prime minister, Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt, is presently talking family policies with Britain´s Mr. Cameron.
In Swedish media these talks are described as being motivated by Britain going to adopt Swedish Family policies.
But, if that is considered, BEWARE!

Swedish family policies are based on Marx and Engels and explicitly described as being ”the basis for the completely socialist society” (in the Social Democratic Women´s programme Familjen i framtiden – The family of the future). These family policies give no freedom for personal preferences, are heavily oppressive in their economic steering and clearly in conflict with a number of articles in the European Convention of Human Rights from 1950.

The violation of Human Rights and the open totalitarian oppression and discrimination against parents who still resist it, is shamefully hidden behind newly created curtains of VALUES HIGHER THAN HUMAN RIGHTS: Those are GENDER EQUALITY and the FAKE FREEDOM FROM THE WOMAN TRAP – that is the family and its home.

SO YOU foreigner looking to Sweden for a model in family policies, beware of brainwashing similar to what has afflicted a majority of my countrymen and – women! Make sure you examine the loss of freedom and human values and rights too!



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