Violated human Rights in Sweden-thinking of Liu Xiaobo

In connection with the Nobel prize for Peace to Liu Xiaobo in Oslo, there has been talk in Sweden about the importance of fighting for Human Rights. This at the same time that some important Human Rights are severely violated in Sweden.

The Human Rights we are thinking of are those listed in the European Convention on Human Rights from 1950, as article 2 of the first amendment protocol, which safeguards parents´s right to choose upbringing and fostering of their children. And article 14 of the same convention, which forbids states to discriminate against their citizens for their point of view – for example on what is good childcare.

The fact is that Swedish parents, who do not give up the care of their children to public child-care are derived of the value of their own caring work, the right to social support, pension etc. A family with 2-3 children doing its own care of the children will find themselves 3-4 milllion SEK poorer after some 8-10 years in relation to the not more productive family, which politically correct gives up the care and fostering to public childcare. Thus that family gets a second income and subsidized public childcare corresponding to a third income.



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