Philip Jones observes totalitarianism in Scandinavia

In his article ”DK Ultra -Constructing the Mind Controlled State” (klicka här) Philip Jones, who has lived in Scandinavia (Denmark) for many years, writes:

In the UK and increasingly mirrored elsewhere throughout the EU it is the plan to impose rules on the teaching of `social and group interaction skills` to three-year-olds. This has the Orwellian/Huxleyan title of `The Early Years Foundation Stage`. This is the most overt and blatant example yet of the State removing a child at the earliest practicable age, from it’s parents influence in order to indoctrinate it, whilst still at it’s most impressionable stage of development.

In his book, `The New Totalitarians` the author Roland Huntford, when writing about the Swedish educational model explained: ‘Education is one of the most important agents for changing society. It has been integrated into the scheme for change, and its purpose is to turn out the correct kind of person for the new society. The new school rejects individuality, and teaches children to collaborate with others. It rejects competition, and teaches cooperation. Children are taught to work in groups. They solve problems together; not alone. The basic idea is that they are considered primarily as members of society, and individuality is discouraged. They want to produce people who are integrated into society. It aims to produce a well-adjusted, good member of society. It teaches people to respect the consensus, and not sabotage it. In the schools, the emphasis lies heavily on the collective.”
The children in Brave New World are brainwashed even when they sleep with subliminal messages turning them into insatiable consumers to drive the engine of industrial production as indeed they are in only slightly more subtle ways today. At the heart of this child control was to remove children from the influence of their parents.

Mr Jones, being a foreigner, see things more clearly and is not afraid of putting his findings in plain text writing. Read more clear-sighted texts on but do not take all seriously (radio waves and the like). His observations are scary enough.



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